Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Water equals life

Here is a little story out of the book causelife

Food wasn't enough

Our Guatemalan partner traveled many hours to arrive at the mountain village of Chastutu. He knew a child there was close to death. As he made his way through the village he heard a woman crying from inside one of the shacks. He knew ha was too late. As he entered the home, the mother was holding her baby daughter's body with tears in her eyes. There was nothing he could except offer to bury the baby for her mother. But she was not ready to give up her daughter yet. In the end, she held her baby for six hours. He was patient and when she was ready, he buried the baby and held a small service.

This baby girl had access to food, but she died of malnutrition. Very simply, food wasn't enough. Food wasn't enough when dirty water caused her to get trapped in a cycle of sickness that eventually claimed her life.

every year 860,000 child deaths from malnutrition could be prevented by providing clean water.

There is a village in Ghana that has no clean water. I am trying to drill them a well. Right now they share water with the animals because of this they are very sick. They have stomach sicknesses. You can help me get them clean water by buying one of my shirts or making a tax deductible donation on my blog.
If you would like to buy a shirt contact me at kotasgo@hotmail.com

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