Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pics of Ghana

                                                         Meeting  Samuel Richard!!!!

                                                                 Sweet Samuel Richard!!!!

                                                              Sweet Helen!!!!!!!!

                                                    Sweet Zoe!!!!!!!

                                                         This little boy is adorable!!!!

                                                      I miss her so much!!!!!

                                                        She is so so sweet!!!!

                                                          Me and the older girls!!!

                                                       This girl is so so so sweet!!!!

                                                 We loved this little girl!!!!!



  1. They are just adorable! Congratulations on finally getting to meet your new brother and sister! :)

  2. Your brother and sister are beautiful. From what I understand, you were able to meet them but they can not yet come home, is that correct? God can do amazing things and I love seeing him put children in families and look forward to seeing Him bring you all home together!
    The other children pictured here are also beautiful, as is your heart for helping children. Your post has renewed that restless-ness in my heart to keep reaching beyond my family and give back to Africa (2 of our children were born in Ethiopia)