Monday, October 25, 2010

I600 Approval!!!

We got our I600 approval!!  Thank you Lord!!!  We have a visa exit interview on November first.  Please pray that it goes well.  Our POA will stand in for us.   We are praying we get visa's that Friday.  Thank you all so so much for praying for us!!!   We hope and pray we will be going to Ghana very soon.  I have 24 more kids that need to be sponsored it's just $20 a month that will give that child three meals a day, right now they only have one or sometimes they don't eat.  Will you help???  If you are interested  in sponsoring a child please contact me  at


  1. YAAAAY! this is amazing news!!!!

  2. WOOOT!!! WOOOT!!! Congrats! Please send me more info about sponsorship. I'm interested!

  3. Lindsey, what is your email address? Thx!!!