Friday, November 5, 2010

Feeding the Orphans giveaway

I am giving away 3 shirts so there will be 3 winners.  One LOVE ORPHANS shirt.  The winner will choose between this women's fitted L/S or S/S 

OR this one, unisex short sleeves
OR this women's fitted S/S.

The 2nd winner will choose one of the Feed the Children shirts.  I have this one in women's fitted S/S 
OR this one in unisex S/S or women's L/S fitted.

To enter the first two giveaways, you must do these things:

1)Be a follower of Feeding the Orphans
2)Repost on Facebook or your blog
3)You get your name in EACH TIME YOU REPOST.  So, the more times you post about this giveaway, the more chances you will have to win.
4)You can also enter by emailing your friends and sending them my way.  I will trust you on this.
5)Make sure you comment to tell me you have reposted.  I will enter your names and draw the winner Thursday, November 11at 8 pm EST.

The 3rd winner is a little different.  This shirt will be given to a child making a difference in the lives of other children.  If you know a child making a difference, please enter their name in the comments below and describe what they are doing.  The winner will choose a shirt of their choice in the designs above.

FYI, all proceeds from these shirts will feed the children of Ghana, provide clean water and medical supplies.  You can help the children of Africa AND raise awareness about the orphans during the month of November.  


  1. We follow! We are so proud of the way you are following God's lead for your life and so excited to watch Him work through your family!!!

    I'd like to name both my girls for this drawing, Cora and Audrey, they have been such a huge blessing and help with the foster children in our home. Their unconditional love is a testimony to me every day!

    (we shared your post on facebook too!)
    Keep up the good work, who knows what God has in store for this ministry!!!

  2. I'm already a follower and I just posted it on facebook! :)

  3. i'm a follower, and i reposted on facebook. you're such an inspiration, sydney!!

  4. I am going to share this on facebook now, but wanted to name my daughter, Greta-10, for this. She has been making bracelets and selling them at school to raise for kids in Ghana. She plans on sending money at Christmas.Thanks for all you do! The tshirts look great!

  5. Im a new follower : ) Awesome shirts!!

    I dont know if this counts for the child shirt but my son is wanting to send our World Vision sponsored child a package of goodies for christmas. He made her a picture and he wants to go to the store to pick out some items for her.

  6. I posted the giveaway on facebook. Hope you are doing great! Blessings - Kelly Maine

  7. Hey Syd, I was already a follower and am reposting on FB now :)

  8. Hi Sydney,

    I am now a follower of your blog.

    I am reposting on Facebook once I am done here.

    As for kids - my oldest daughter, Pippin, opted to skip her first year of college and moved to Jinja, Uganda to work in a home for children with HIV/AIDS. Does she count as a child??

    You give me hope :-)


  9. I am a Follower & reposted on facebook. So proud of you!!

  10. I really like your blog and helping sense and needs help for orphanage Childs.