Tuesday, May 4, 2010

adoption story

My vision is to feed the orphans and provide medical supplies. The money I raise from the t-shirts will be the start. We are adopting a boy and a girl from Ghana, West Africa. We should be traveling very soon to pick them up. Our whole family will be traveling to Ghana including my two younger brothers. The money I raise from the t-shirt will help buy supplies for the orphans when we go there.

I prayed for a sister for three years then my parents felt called to adopt. So we were going to adopt 1 child. Then we felt called to adopt two kids and the next day Helen and Samuel came up for adoption. My dad was sick that day and we had prayed that God would show us our kids. So when my dad saw those kids he started crying but he didn't know why. Now we wait for our court date. I am SO excited. I used to watch adoption videos all day long and read adoption blogs. Now I am finally getting a sister, but God gave us a brother too.

These t-shirts are just the beginning of my vision. God gave me a vision of our family standing in front of a building that said "God's House" on top. There were lots of orphans standing with us. I'm going to find a way for them to be fed and have their medical supplies when I'm not there. Please pray for me.

Here are the details of my shirt. When I get the final design I will post it.


outline of Africa

inside: Why should we eat like kings and queens when they have nothing?


Malaria kills more than 2,000 children each day.

More than 2,500 children die each day from water-borne illnesses

20% of Africa’s children die before age 5

33% of children in sub-Saharan Africa are underweight

A child dies every minute of measles in sub-Saharan Africa

There are 15 million HIV/AIDS orphans in Africa

41% of sub-Saharan Africans live on less than $1 per day

It doesn’t have to be this way. You can make a difference.


My life is not my own.

Child sizes: xsmall(2-4), small (6-8), medium (10-12), large (12-14)
Adult sizes: small, medium, large, xlarge, 1x, 2x, etc.

The t-shirts are $15 each or buy 3 get 1 free. You can order by sending me an email, kotasgo@hotmail.com. Every dollar I make on these t-shirts will go to the orphans. Please help me spread the word about Africa and my t-shirts.


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  1. Sydney this is awesome. It shows me you are much older spiritually than you are physically. I can't wait to see the t-shirts. I will read your blog continually! Hey and our family wants six t-shirts. I will email you. I am excited for you and your family.