Monday, August 16, 2010

Skyping with the orphanage I am partnering with...

Some of the kids at CKO

 A baby in Ghana

Some kids  with Paul

Little Girl

Little Girl on floor

I got to Skype with the CKO kids, John, Irene and Johnson.  It was so coo, l I asked them if I could bring them something special and they all said "Food!!!"  If you ask a child in America if you can buy them something they ask for a new ds, gameboy, xbox 360 stuff like that.  Kids in Africa don't even know what that stuff is.  We can't just close our eyes on them we can't turn away when they need  help.  They don't have anything.  They play with cookie boxes, they make soccer balls out of trash. It is very very sad.  We have everything here can't we help just a little???  Right now these kids are eating 1 meal a day that's rice.  For just $20 a month they can have 3 meals a day which would be fish. Will you help me save these kids before it's too late????


  1. Praise the Lord for all the work He has done, and will do, through you! We have recently become a sponsor of a child in Ethiopia. It amazes me how much joy these children can find in the small things in life. We all need to take a lesson from them, huh?

  2. yes!! that is so so so cool!!! is it a boy or girl??? what is his or her name??

  3. Sydney, I know what you mean when you talked about playing with cookie boxes and trash - we visited an orphanage there while bringing home our little Kosi, and after giving some crackers to the children, they spent SO long playing with the wrappers - making rings, etc. It was so sad to realize that was the best "toy" they had had in a long time.