Saturday, June 12, 2010

How feeding the orphans started..........

How my journey began ..... We were on our way back from Kentucky. After traveling my mom wanted to get Papa Murphy's pizza. The boys said yeah, but I said I didn't want anything to eat. She asked me why and I told her no reason, just not hungry. So we went in and she ordered. The boys wanted cheese, but I still told her I didn't want anything. When we left I asked her if we could go to Kroger to get bread for me to eat. She told me if I told her why I was upset she would buy me some. I looked at her and said, "WHY SHOULD WE EAT LIKE KINGS AND QUEENS WHEN THEY HAVE NOTHING?" Then I started crying and staring out the window. So this is how it started. Sometimes I feel guilty because we have tons of stuff and they have nothing. Then I remember I don't have to feel guilty. I can do something about it. The kids in America think they have to have an Ipod, an Xbox 360, a Wii, an Ipod touch, an Ipad or other HOT items, but kids in Africa are playing with cardboard and making rings out of cookie boxes. They play with whatever they can find and they play with each other. Some African kids have made soccer balls out of trash and wrapped it in tape. I want you guys to know that I couldn't have done this without GOD! He's the one who is using me to help the orphans!

On our adoption we are still waiting for that court date. Please pray for us to get a court date and to raise more money for feeding the orphans. My brothers and I just got our last shot, yippee!!!!! Please pray for Helen and Samuel and their little sister. ( I mentioned her in other posts.)

We had a garage sale today. We raised $600. We split it with our friends who are raising money for the Ukrainian orphans.

My shirts are $15 or buy 3 get one free, great fathers day gift!!!!!!!! BE A VOICE OF HOPE, HELP CHANGE ONE CHILD AT A TIME!


  1. i love your testimony! GOD is using you to do great things! don't ever stop listening to the conviction.

  2. Wow! I love what you're doing!! May God be glorified in and through you!! ♥ Michelle

  3. Keep going Sydney! God is using you!

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