Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Feeding the orphans garage sale

I am having a garage sale on Saturday, June 12. All the money will help feed the orphans of Africa. I will post the address of the garage sale when I get it. Thank you so much for helping me sell my shirts and for praying for me. There are 2 little boys that live downtown, Devin and Papa, we had them this week a little bit. They are coming back tomorrow. Little Devin is 1 and Papa is 5. It has been hard for me because the 1 year old is the same age and same color skin. They are adorable!!! If you read one of my other posts it mentions the 1 year old. She is Helen and Samuel's little sister. These are the kids we are adopting. Last we heard she was dying in the hospital. Please pray for her.

Please pray for Raymond. He moved to Nashville today. We had a birthday party and farewell party last night. He had a great time. He is a 17 year old boy we met downtown. God brought him to us. We are REALLY going to miss him!!!!!!

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  1. Wish we could be there to help you. I'm so glad you had a party for Raymond. I know he loved it! Much love!