Monday, June 21, 2010

This is the letter I am sending out to churches, people and businesses


How my journey began...when I was 7 years old I became interested in orphans. I had two brothers, but prayed for a sister. I watched hundreds of adoption videos and read blogs. In November 2009, my parents finally felt called to adopt. So we sent in our paperwork for a little girl younger than 3 to Ghana, West Africa. Remember I had been praying for a sister for over three years now. Then, in January we accepted the referral of a 5 year old boy and 2 year old girl. I am finally getting a sister, but God gave me another brother, too.

A couple of months ago we were driving home from Kentucky. After traveling, my mom wanted to get Papa Murphy’s Pizza. The boys said yeah, but I said I didn’t want anything to eat. She asked me why and I told her no reason, just not hungry. So we went in and she ordered. I still told her I didn’t want anything. When we left there, I asked her if we could go to Kroger to buy bread for me to eat. She told me if I told her why I was upset she would. I looked at her and said, “WHY SHOULD WE EAT LIKE KINGS AND QUEENS WHEN THEY HAVE NOTHING?” Then I started crying and staring out the window. So this is how FEEDING THE ORPHANS started. After that night, God told me to design a t-shirt to raise money for them. I researched a bunch of facts about Africa. Then I narrowed them down to the ones on the back of my shirt. I have sold over 170 shirts and raised $385 at a garage sale for this cause for a total of $2,178. The t-shirts are on my website if you want to see them or purchase them. Sometimes I feel guilty because we have tons of stuff and they have nothing. Then I remember I do not have to feel guilty. I can do something about it. The kids in America think they have to have an Ipod, xbox 360, wii, ipod touch, or other hot items, but kids in Africa are playing with cardboard and making rings out of cookie boxes. They play with whatever they can find and they play with each other. Some African kids made a soccer ball out of trash wrapped in tape. I want you guys to know that I could not do this without God! He is the one using me to help the orphans! I’m just a 10 year old girl trying to do what God told me to do. Anybody can make a difference, even if they are younger.

My vision is to feed the orphans, drill water wells and provide medical supplies. The money I raise will be the start. I will take all proceeds to Ghana when we travel to pick up my brother and sister very soon. Please pray for me to raise a lot of money to help more orphans.

Matthew 10 International Ministries,, is partnering with me. You can make tax deductible donations or purchase my t-shirts by putting PROJECT GHANA in the comments section. Then, send me an email to with your shirt sizes. Thank you for supporting me, but mostly for praying for me.

Sydney O’Leary

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